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How to save electricity Computer

Saving electricity is our common obligation, travel malang juanda because with the electricity we'll downsize can depress the cost of electric bill per month. In addition to this globally is one way to reduce global warming.

In saving electricity to the computer can be done by anyone, as long as there is a will and concern the full owner, below will describe simple ways that can be done to reduce electricity use in the home especially for the computer.

Saving manually:

Arrange the display screen of the computer, adjust the level of the light-dark screen monitor (brightness) to taste. the more light the screen of the monitor, the greater the energy required.
Use energy-efficient monitor type, you can find this type which is already sold in the market.
Some people assume the use of the screensaver and standby power can save electricity, sebernarnya not really, because although there is still little electricity used, so try to turn off your computer when not in use.
Try to avoid excessive computer use, for example, to play games night or set the MP3 of the day.

Saving automatically:

Turn on the computer and then on the main screen or desktop right click and select properties, then select the screen saver and press the tabulator key that says power. Other way i.e. from the control panel in windows explorer select power options.
If it goes into power setting selection box then we live setting in accordance with the circumstances, conditions, tolerance and our needs. For example, to turn off the monitor, we can turn off your monitor automatically are not used after minutes or hours we choose. Example: After 15 minutes means the monitor will die after 15 minutes of no activity on the computer. Turn off hard disks. That is, we can turn off all your hard disk automatically are not used after minutes or hours we choose. For example, after one hour means all the hard drive will be turned off after an hour of no activity on the computer.
In addition you can also select the standby system, meaning that it can turn off the computer while the system automatically are not used after minutes or hours we choose. For example, after two hours means the computer will die temporarily after two hours of no activity on the computer. In this mode the work that is being performed will not be lost. Another step is to enable the system to hibernate. Can turn off your computer automatically are not used after minutes or hours we choose. Don't forget on tabulate Hibernate select enable hibernation. In this mode the work that is being performed will not be lost.
When will wear it again trying to shake or click of the mouse. If not can try to press the button on the keyboard. If it turns out that power died attempting to press the power button on the computer CPU.

How to make a quick Fruit is ripe

Sometimes we find fruits that we pick from kitchen set malang the tree in a State not ready consumed seeprti mango, avocado, grapes, and other

To help fruit ripening is Ethylene gas by utilizing that he gave up. Ethylene is growing hormones produced from the results of normal metabolism in plants. Ethylene plays a role in the maturation of the fruit and the leaf loss. Ethylene is also called ethene. Ethylene plant compounds found in the gas phase, so it is also called ethylene gas. Ethylene gas is colorless and easily vaporized.

Ethylene is often utilized by the distributor and importer of fruit. The fruit is packaged in a form not yet ripe at the moment traders transported fruit. After arriving to the fruit are traded, given ethylene (diperam) so the sooner ripe.

In fruit ripening, ethylene works by solving the chlorophyll in the young fruit, so that fruit has only xantofil and carotene. Thus, the color of the fruit into an orange or red.

Is there an easy way that we can do to speed up the ripening of the fruit, you can wear a paper bag and some extra fruit to make it quickly cooked.

Here's how simple speed up the ripening fruit:

With paper bag: put the fruit in a paper bag then cover and inspect the fruit after several days later. To speed the ripening process, you can add an Apple or a banana into a paper bag because it has two levels of gas are high. Bananas, for example, could release the gas ethylene, thus helping the fruit ripened quickly.
Stored in rice: you could also use rice to speed up the ripening of the fruit, do I immerse in Mango rice to accelerate the process of maturation.
Fabric: Cloth wrapped a clean napkin or towel can also be used to ripen fruit. The trick, place fruit along the stem and then cover with a cloth and wait for a few days. As a result, the fruit will have a strong aroma and the level of maturity of the pas.

So the simple way to make a quick fruit ripe can hopefully useful. (Various sources)

How to clean an apartment quickly and easily

Apartment residents generally are those who work in the city centre with little time to spare. Therefore the average of those lacking sufficient time to caring for his residence. Here are some ways to clean and tidy apartment effectively so as not to take up too much of your time:

1. prepare the cleaning materials and tools are always needed. the cleaning tools: squeegees or Sweeper water to clean Windows, wipe, MOP and broom, if needed. Cleaning materials: cleaning solution washing plates, surface cleaners, glass cleaners and sebaguna. In some apartments generally use carpet floor so you certainly don't need a MOP. Don't forget, provide also a Feather Duster, sponge, vacuum cleaners, and pouches of garbage.

The right tools and materials were able to save a lot of money and time even though it seems simple. Use SOAP and cleanser that is proven, though relatively more expensive. To wash dishes, make sure the SOAP is able to reduce body fat. Use water to clean the window sweeper. Avoid the lap can be marked in the window.

2. make sure you make time a day sajauntuk did cleaning the old apartment after total not cleaned.

Once you have the time, start with the hard work. On a rare apartment usually cleaned of dust and dirt will accumulate. Thus you need to clean your apartment thoroughly. Clean the dust that accumulates in the air ducts, around the window, the fan in the ceiling, and under your furniture. When necessary, You sort the contents of the fridge at home and ensure there was no rotten food you store in it. Wash all dirty dishes and the laundry to clean.

You can ask for professional help to clean your apartment if the really don't have the time or are reluctant to deal with dirt piled up. But note also the products they use, and learn how they clean the House. So your apartment maintained clean while You get experience on how to clean the apartment when one wants to do it himself.

3. Now your apartment already looks comfortable, now is the time to take care so that your apartment always clean. To take care of an apartment inhabited by yourself is very easy, the key used to do things that look, little by little so as not to occur, such as the work of the buildup starts to clean dishes and cooking tools that you just use, wash the clothes every day, and make sure your stuff is always in place.

In addition, do well the following things:

Prepare a basket of laundry so that you can keep your dirty clothes that are already in use.
Make sure you take care of the bed neatly every morning.
Wipe the surface in the bathroom, especially parts of stainless steel and glass that is easy to have patches of water.
Each run out of cooking, clean the surface of the countertop with a versatile Purifier.

Confused by the exorbitant gas prices? He's the alternative

The beginning of the year, calculated as of 1 January 2014 Pertamina raised the price of liquefied petroleum gas canisters 12 kg of 68 percent to reduce the losses of the business nonsubsidi that's what fuels on average by Rp6 trillion per year.

If the calculated, then price increase size 12 Kg LPG gas initially Rp 117,708 to Rp 70,200 per tube, after plus the cost of distribution and pengisiian of LPG, LPG price till then in the consumer after rising to Rp 130,000-140,000-12 kg per tube. Pertamina count pascakenaikan losses can be pressed from Rp2 trillion to Rp6 trillion.

Cost of goods procurement of LPG is mainly determined the purchase price according to the market and the exchange rate of the rupiah.

From rising gas prices to non such subsidies is considered too high, causing disquiet in the community, because the impact is pretty damning society feels and to the extent that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) gives time to Pertamina and related Ministries to coordinate in determining the LPG price increase is 12 kg. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono gave the deadline 24 hours before the LPG price increase re-examined.

Most members of the public who use the tube 12 kg of subsidized, now switched to 3 kg gas cylinders of subsidies, so as to make the tiny tubes are in demand in the market.

There is another creative, Indonesia society they choose energy alternatives, such as:

1. Coal, the fuel is actually had long become fuel for cooking purposes, to make it easier, then this formed into coal briquettes, and then stored in a special stove. the price is not expensive rock briquettes, in most daereh rupiah are sold no more than six thousand dollars only.

2. Firewood, for some residents who live in areas with plenty of trees from the woods of course easy to get firewood, by simply going to the woods or the mountains, they can instantly acquire it without cost, but buying from a seller.

3. Bio gas, this is a unique alternative energy, because the fuel is taken from cow dung, in an area that many farms sapinya, cow manure can be used as a fuel gas. Cow manure will be accommodated on a bathtub covered shelter, and then a single channel into a gas reservoir in the form of plastic, then just wait for a few weeks and gaspun can already be used.

4. Sawdust, fuel is usually found in that area there is a sawmill, sawdust will be collected and then stored in special stoves and then burned as usual.

Perhaps the reader is anyone knows other alternative energy?

6 Mistakes Done in the bathroom

After earlier discussed about "caring Tips Bathroom", this time the admin will discuss about some of the mistakes that someone in the bathroom and how to handle it, as reported by the Huffingtonpost, Tuesday (28/1/2014) here.

1. Put the toothbrush too close to the toilet

Harvard University has researched that, distance between at least brush your teeth with toilet is 1.8 meters. Because every time the toilet on flush, aerosol particles from the toilet will float as far as 1.8 meters. And, if the particle is about a toothbrush, then particles aerosols from toilet will hit the toothbrush.

How to handle it, please close the toilet before flush and wash or replace your toothbrush regularly. Use cover toothbrush will only make the brush becomes moist causing microorganisms flourish.

2. Wear a wet towel over and over

The most preferred places bacteria love is humid and wet towel on such, especially when its use many times and in a long period of time.

"More dangerous if you have open wounds, because you can just infect yourself with any bacteria that exist in the towel," demolished Elizabeth Scott, PhD, Director of one of the Simmons College Center for hygiene and health.

As the solution is Elizabeth suggested everyone wear towels each once a week. For more details read also my other article: "caring Tips bath towel"

3. Save the loofah for too long

A study found that the bacteria cause infections such as p. aeruginosa thrives 24 hours after first used a loofah.

Loofah is a kind of sponge with a rougher texture of shower puff. Dr. Birgit Toome, M.d.. revealed that, though made from natural ingredients, loofah should only be used for 3-4 weeks. Synthetic shower puff even more resistant to bacteria, although Dr. Toome suggested this should be replaced every 8 weeks.

4. Less long-hand wash

Hand wash activities is one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of communicable infections. But most of us do it in a way that is incorrect. According to the CDC.

In his studies, Michigan State University found 95 percent of people spending less than 15 minutes to wash your hands. CDC-recommended time for hand washing is for 20 seconds.

5. the bathroom Curtains too long

The use of gordengan in the bathroom may not have been commonly used in bathrooms in Indonesia, but for those of you who have used it should pay attention to the following.

To prevent water splashes out of the bathroom is usually one would wear a long bathroom gordengan and touched the floor, it should be avoided because the tip of the gordeng that touches the floor will be a breeding place of mold and mildew.

Prevention: trim the bottom few inches of the floor of the bathroom and also both sides in order to cover the bathtub perfectly.

6. Do not wear footwear

The bathroom floor was very vulnerable to the amount of bacteria that so much because one of the places in the bathroom the most frequently exposed to wet than the wall.

To prevent the bacteria spreads to the legs, then wear footwear seeprti clamp rubber sandals, in addition rajin-rajinlah floor cleaning the bathroom with a brush to clean and isn't slick.

Futsal Shoes Caring Tips

Futsal shoes there in taking care of some things to consider, such as how to clean, ways of drying and how to save it. One to keep in mind that the futsal shoes don't be washed directly.

There are some important part in a futsal shoes should be cleaned as follows: Outsole (the bottom of the shoe or the shoe tread is usually made of rubber), the Midsole (the middle part, between top and bottom is usually made from eva), Upper (upper part of the shoe is usually made of leather), Lace (Lace), Insole (the inner part of the shoe that we step on it).

It should be noted that in the clean up, use different tools on each of the various, here's how to clean those parts of the shoe at the futsal:

1. the outsole (the bottom of the shoe or the shoe tread is usually made of rubber)

Because it is located on the bottom of shoes then this part most easily is exposed to dirt, But nevertheless do not clean this part too often because of the risk of making damaged surface. To clean it, usually they are cleaned in a period of a week or even a month depending on the intensity of the wearing of shoes. Sekotor any part of the outsole, do not enter the shoes of futsal in water because it can damage the shoes.

Clean these parts with the use of a brush or toothpick in water flowing.

2. Part of the midsole (the middle part, between top and bottom is usually made from eva)

Use different brushes to clean the midsole and outsole. If we do not have to brush again, could use the same brush with sikatnya entry is purged first. Do I simply basahkan brush and rub it gently from the most clean first then the most dirty. For stubborn stains that use liquid cleaners but do not let the liquid flows to the upper part.

3. upper Part (upper part of the shoe is usually made of leather)

Clean using the most delicate brush.
If there are stains that are difficult to clean, try rubbing with toothpaste/odol section then let sit for the 5menit, after it recently cleaned with brush, repeat a few times until the stain disappears. try no leftover toothpaste on the shoes.
Kanebo/dry with chamois.

4. Lace (Lace)

To clean this part is easy, that is, only by removing a shoe string and then soaked with cleaner/detergent, let stand for 10menit and then dikucek and rinsed.

5. the Insole (the inner part of the shoe that we step on it)

When the removable insole, lepaslah and then clean with a soft brush or rough sponge which has been given a laundry soap. Once it is dry with kanebo. If this section removable hard so let it in place and then cleanup.


Avoid mengguyur water on the whole shoe.
Do not soak the shoes in the water.
Do not let the shoe drying to the Sun directly.
Rajin-rajinlah clean the shoes after wear.
When shoes are made of leather then apply oil on the upper part after the clean up.
Keep shoes made of genuine leather in a dry place to avoid easy overgrown fungus.
Futsal shoes are not allowed to put into the water. Therefore, if you use a medium brush and water, then sikatnya that must be moistened, not his shoes. When dry it is also not allowed is dried, but rather under-anginkan.

Tips To Take Care Of The Electric Sewing Machine

After I created the article on the history of the sewing machine, this time will be discussed also the articles related to that i.e. caring tips sewing machine.

Perhaps the reader there is a sewing hobby at home, be it making apparel or just simply sew the clothes off the seams, lumayankan than bayarin people.

So that the sewing machine we can work with a maximum so fixed is delicious when it is used, then the tips on how to care for a sewing machine under this can hopefully make Your sewing machine more durable:

To maintain the stability of electric current on a sewing machine motor you use UPS or Stabilizer.
Place the sewing machine on a stable position and shake.
After the completion of sewing, immediately clean the machine from the remnants of yarn or fabric. To clean it use a small brush to remove any remnants of yarn and cloth belonging to the sidelines of the sewing machine. It is also beneficial to let the machine clean.
To facilitate the use of the equipment at the time of the other, make sure you keep a good position with a sewing machine and sewing machine equipment such as scissors, sewing needles, and others.
Always check the sewing machine parts always rub together, to prevent wear and tear, give the oil a sewing machine on a regular basis. by providing lubricating oil regularly may also prevent rust on a sewing machine.
If possible do your own servicing or call Maytag services experts if Your sewing machine, replace damaged components immediately to prevent the occurrence of damage to other components and also damage to the quality of Your stitches.
Component spare parts usually rarely broken, but if it already should be replaced immediately, in Exchange for or in the services available. For example the Blade machine obras already dulled or rubber dinamo already brittle/chapped and Dynamo machine that was already weak. If it does not quickly replaced, will affect the quality of the machine stitching, for example a no good piece of obras.